Mark Driscoll’s Seattle History

How Mars Hill and Mark Driscoll Wooed Unchurched Seattle

This is a great brief article about Driscoll and Seattle.  Here’s the opening two paragraphs:

The allegations against Mark Driscoll are damning, and they are legion:

The pastor of Mars Hill Church plagiarized multiple books on the way to authoring or coauthoring more than a dozen of his own. He bought his way onto the New York Times best-seller list by paying a marketing firm to buy thousands of copies of his 2011 tome Real Marriage—with $200,000 in church money. He rewrote Mars Hill’s bylaws to consolidate his power and cast out those who opposed him. He misappropriated tithing funds. He posted anonymous screeds online about a “pussified” America. He bullied staff members and proclaimed that there would one day be a “mountain” of bodies behind the metaphorical Mars Hill bus: “You either get on the bus or you get run over by the bus.”